Top 10 Features to Consider before Buying a Luxury Car

There is a difference between being economical and treasuring value per dollar spent. One is like settling for any kind of burger, and the other one is searching and knowing where the best burger joint is. Knowing the difference between the two is the reason why almost two years ago I bought a Mercedes-Benz C300 Sedan and drove it daily.

Owning a luxury car does not mean you’re a “show-off” of your wealth. You see, there are much more explanations why many people buy these expensive cars. The key features of these luxury cars are the reasons why most of the people (including me) get one.

Driving a very expensive car where everyone’s head will turn when you pass by is such an amazing feeling. The beautiful and one of a kind interior leather design, the high definition command center for your music, GPRS, and maybe even video calling, the high end painting, the beautiful curves that can almost match the curves of a woman, the attention you get when you go out and get in your car, and everything else that good money can buy.

Since you are considering buying a luxury car, it must mean that you are very particular about your ride. This means that you probably want the most high-end, unique, and amazing car around. Luxury cars offer all sorts of features from steering wheel warmers, seat massagers, seat coolers, and even hydrophobic windows. Unless you can afford them all you have to make sure which add-ons and features you want in your luxury car in order to get the most out of your money.

In helping choose what you should look for, here is a short list of cool features that you should consider before buying a luxury car.

Steering Wheel Warmer

Are you tired of your hands locking up because of the cold while driving? Well, you can consider a Steering Wheel Warmer that will automatically heat up your hands when you are using the steering wheel. This will make it more comfortable to drive especially when it’s raining or snowing. (This feature is also built in the car and is not offered as an add-on, thus the price can’t be accurately separated.)

Auto Lane Keeping

This feature will help you put your car into auto-pilot mode; The Mercedes-Benz has built an “electric eye” which watches the road for the driver. The key, with all sensors, is having confidence the sensors and the electric eye camera are doing their job. If they are, you essentially have a car that can drive itself. (This feature is often also built in the car and is not offered as an add-on, thus the price can’t be accurately separated.)

Bentley’s Infotainment Pack

Do you want two Ipads, a drop down 12-inch screen and two headset displays along with your car purchase? Well, if you do, you probably should consider the Bentley’s Infotainment Pack, It is very expensive but then again you are buying a car for the features, not the cost. The pack is around an add-on of $35,000. This will turn your car into a mini media room where you can watch Netflix, listen to music, and even have conference calls.

Aston Martin Transponder Watch

Do you want to own a car that can be directly controlled by your watch? Well, way before the Apple Watch was a thing, Aston Martin began offering the Jaeger-LeCoultre AMVOX2 Transponder Watch back in 2007, it is offered as an add-on for $31,000. This watch can lock and unlock your car with a simple flick of a button.

Bang and Olufsen Pop-Up Tweeters

One thing most people will gladly spend their money on is for a high-quality speaker, and that is what you get for an add-on of $8,000 dollars in your Aston Martin purchase. This speaker offers world-class music that pops up in your dashboard and automatically hides away if not being used. This feature is perfect for those who are audiophiles.

Scent System

If you do not like the cheap and conventional air fresheners then you can go get the Mercedes S550 scent system. This is available as an add-on when purchasing the Mercedes S-series. This is a high-end fragrance system that can be controlled electronically to make your car smell better, it can even be set at specific intervals during the day. A bottle costs around $90 and it refills, too.

Leather Air Vents

Are plastic air vents an eyesore in your new luxury car? You might very well consider Porsche’s leather air vents. This will undoubtedly make almost all of your car’s interior leather and will make you cash out around $800.

Electronic Passenger Seat Adjustment

Do you want to directly adjust your passenger’s seat to their liking without asking them to do so or asking them to get out of the car? Then you might very well want BMW’s gentleman function. This feature can be found on a couple of BMW 7-series, this will make it possible for you to directly adjust the passenger’s seat prior or during his arrival, a true feature for those wanting to be a gentleman. This feature is also built in the car and is not offered as an add-on, thus the price can’t be accurately separated.

More than Leather

Is leather getting boring for you? Then you might want to consider getting Mercedes Maybach’s granite rim. This will add trimmings of granite like a fancy bathroom tile in your car interior. The trimming will roughly cost about $70,000.

Starlight Inside of Your Car

Do you want to go stargazing with your partner on a rainy day? Or go stargazing after dinner without driving a couple of miles? Then the Rolls Royce Starlight Roof is perfect for you. They will design the inner roof liner, customize with fiber optic lights, in order to recreate a night sky. You would need to throw in an additional $12,000 for the amazing stargazing sight.

We hope these features I have mentioned can help you in choosing your car. Just make sure that you have considered everything before buying one. Choosing what luxury car to buy is a very big decision to make.

U.S. Auto Insurance Quotes Online

What are Auto Insurance Quotes?

An auto insurance quote is a document that outlines the potential coverage an individual can get for use of a specific automobile. The coverage pertains specifically to that individual and can help with the liability in case of an auto accident.

Benefits of Online Auto Insurance Quotes

(1) Multiple Transmissions of Data: A significant advantage of online auto insurance quotes is that an input of one’s personal information at a single time can be used to access many insurance carriers. Instead of making another entry of the same personal information per transaction with an insurance carrier, internet platform makes the one-entry data of personal information to be copied for other insurance carriers. Online purchase of Auto Insurance Quotes put time maximization and utility highly into consideration.

(2.) Good Decision through Comparison: The internet has access to many insurance carriers that are available for insurance transactions. By going online to get insurance quotes gives you access to critically assess and compare the various insurance quotes that are being presented to you. If you have many options to choose from, you can then thoroughly choose the insurance carrier that offers the tariff that is most suitable and plausible to you economically. This makes you use cost more efficiently and cut excess spending since there are favored quotes at a more convenient price. Amazing! You do not feel bound to one insurance carrier only. Great! Finally free from the boring exercise of entering same information over and over again.

(3) Easily Accessible Interface: The sites of most insurance company online are designed such that the prospective clients and clients have easy access to all the processes involved in insurance dealings. The interface that connects the client to the company is made to be highly comprehensible and user-friendly. For example, the process of filing a claim, subscribing for your premium, and changing of policy coverage can all be done in the comfort of your home or office. This immobile way of getting things done saves fuel that will be used in transportation, saves energy for other uses, and makes an efficient use of time and resources. Beautiful! No more sweating to get your insurance.

(4) Availability of Documents 24/7: At the time of need, if one is in a far distance from the hard-copy document, an online user can still go to the relevant insurance site and make a swift download of any documents that may be needed. Again, the availability of the documents on the internet ensures the security of all documents and makes you assured of not losing your files and documents to any form of hazard. You can print all documents anew at the time of need even in situations where the hard copy is destroyed. Great! No more fear of losing evidence and documents.

(5) Competitive Market for each Insurance Company: A tremendous success of the internet in the domain of insurance is the creation of competition for many insurance companies. The very fact that the internet makes the insurance quotes and rates of each company readily accessible to internet users, gives these insurance companies the reaction to formulate good plans that will ensure their triumph in the competitive market. They all make plans that will attract clients. Wow! This seems to be highly favorable to you.

How to Buy Auto Insurance Quotes Online

(1) Be Prepared: Get all the information ready. Driver license numbers of all the drivers involved, all relevant vehicles information, and approximate dates and details of all the violations and accidents, and distance coverage, vehicles have been through. Prepare to show your credit report (it is relative to states or companies)

(2) Start Shopping: Having got all your documents organized, begin to research quotes from carriers. In choosing, put relevant benefit that suits your age group and financial status into consideration.

(3) Protect yourself by Choosing Good Liability Limits: The states require Bodily Injury Liability covers that occurs if you are the agent that caused an accident. Also, Property Damage Liability is required for car damage caused by your vehicle. To get pay that corresponds with the cost of loss in an accident, you need to have more than the state-mandated minimum coverage. To protect yourself and your asset, acquire extra liability insurance.

(4) Deductibles and Coverage: After choosing liability limit, you will be presented optional coverages in the area of uninsured and underinsured motorists and personal injury protection(optional). This insurance pays for the medical, funeral, rehabilitation, and pain cost derived in the accident. This insurance also captures the clients’ household members as pedestrians. However, if you choose collision and comprehensive, you will be required to pay a deductible which is the charge that applies before insurance kicks in. To save rates, you can pay more deductibles.

(5) Discounts: The answer you give to the questions of what you do for a living and whether your car has, safety, anti-theft, dependable body parts will determine the price.

(6) Printing of Card, and Discarding of Old Policies: After the purchase of a policy has been achieved, there is a need for the client to print out evidence of coverage. Plausibly, the soft copy may also be saved on the clients’ emails. After the proof has been acquired, the existing policy can be abandoned or discarded, and the new policy can be adopted to save money.


Take advantage of the competition to find the best insurance policy at the best price.