Online Car Insurance Explained

Having your car insured is one of the best things you can do as a responsible car owner. It provides coverage not only for damage and loss on your part but also to affected persons as well, such as in the case of road mishaps. More importantly, it gives you peace of mind and an assurance that, should there be an incident on the road, you and other people affected will be insured. 

How does online car insurance work?

Online car insurance is an insurance policy captured online which handles expenses as a result of an accident, theft or third party liability. It is mandatory and it protects you from financial emergencies and legal liability resulting from collision, bodily injury and damage to you, your vehicle and other persons.  There are now various companies which offer car insurance online with low premiums to choose from. 

Benefits of online car insurance

There are many advantages if you purchase your car insurance policy online:

It requires no agents at all.

There is no need for a middleman such as an insurance agent or broker if you purchase car insurance online. You can easily search for car insurance companies and get quotes directly from them without having to go through the trouble of dealing with various agents. 

It is budget-friendly.

Securing your car insurance online saves you time and money. With just a few clicks you can easily contact car insurance companies to get an informed decision.  Also, since you’re dealing with car insurance companies directly you’ll save money since you don’t have to pay an agent or broker. 

There are online reviews to help you decide.

Confused with what car insurance company to choose? You need not worry as the internet has a rich resource of online reviews to help you decide. Check out a company’s customer ratings and what past clients are saying about their customer service and support.  Opt for a reputable car insurance company backed with years of experience in the industry. 

You can purchase anytime you want.

Buying car insurance online is convenient as you don’t have to adhere to office hours. You can access a car insurance company’s website anytime and you can buy car insurance regardless of the time of day. 

It has a fuss-free and user-friendly process.

Since you’re mostly doing the work yourself, purchasing car insurance online provides easy access and convenience.  There is no waiting time required in processing insurance documents and as a result, you’ll also be able to save more time and effort.  Also, your online financial transactions are secure. 

Disadvantages of online car insurance 

While there are benefits if you buy car insurance online it also has its disadvantages. These are:

You have to rely on your own expertise.

Since you’re buying your car insurance online it also means you’re a one-man army who has to rely on your own expertise. This can be a real struggle especially if it’s not really your cup of tea. You have to double your efforts in researching answers to your insurance-related inquiries since there is no agent to assist you. 

You have to file a claim on your own. 

As mentioned earlier, you’re doing everything alone and this also means filing claims on your own at a time of loss or accident. This can be hard as you tend to be in a lot of pressure and stress during such an unfortunate time. 

You have to be computer-savvy. 

Purchasing car insurance online can be stressful if you don’t have ample computer skills as you have to fill in all the needed information for your car insurance quote. 

You have to call an 800 number and an automated system. 

While there is ample information available online, still there will be times when you have to speak to a person through an 800 number to clarify insurance-related concerns.  However, this can be frustrating as you have to go through an automated system which can put you on hold at long intervals. 

Essential tips when buying online car insurance 

These are just some of the tips that will guide you in purchasing car insurance online:

  • Be sure to compare car insurance policies from at least a few companies.
  • Make sure that you know your requirements and the coverage you wish to buy.
  • Always use a car insurance calculator, an online tool that gives a rough estimate of your car insurance policy cost.
  • Be sure to declare the accurate insured declared value of your car. 
  • Price should not be your only basis when choosing your car insurance company.
  • Choose only relevant add-ons for your car insurance policy.
  • Take things slowly and don’t rush with your decisions.
  • Be sure to determine the cost of the policy for 12 months (they often have 6 month premiums)

With online car insurance, you are assured that expenses will be covered promptly. It also ensures that you, your loved ones and other people affected are covered in case of accident or theft.

Top 5 Online MBA Schools in the U.S.

Today, more people than ever are getting their MBA degree programs online. Getting a master’s degree has become easier since many universities in the US are now offering them directly online. Previously, people would have to quit their job first to get the degree but, now, they can do both at the same time. Many business universities now provide an online option that allows maximum flexibility to their students. The flexibility of getting an online MBA degree allows a student to work around both professional and personal commitments.

As for picking the right MBA school, here is a cultivated list of universities that offer online MBA degrees. These schools offer the best online master’s degree in business administration, based on factors such as reputation for excellence among peers, admission selectivity, and career support to its graduating students.

University of North Carolina (Kenan Flagler)

The UNC Kenan Flagler business school gives full-time professionals the chance to advance their careers from anywhere in the world. Students may select 1 of 8 concentration tracks to pursue, including Data Analytics and Decision Making, Corporate Finance, Management Consulting, Sustainable Enterprise, Chain Management, Global Supply, Entrepreneurship, or Investment Management.

The university allows students to complete the program on a full or part-time schedule. Through hands-on learning experiences and intimate online classes, students develop the insights to lead top organization, network face-to-face with competent and accomplished professors and earn the MBA degree as on-campus students.

To start with the application, applicants can visit their website and fill out a brief form to receive more information about the program from their admission team.

Pennsylvania State University – World Campus

The Pennsylvania State University takes the second spot in this ranking. The university offers core programs that will help business-minded professionals advance their careers by exposing them to practices and principles necessary to modern management. The university’s comprehensive list of online MBA programs helps fill skill gaps in today’s complex business environment. These programs allow students to expand their education while earning highly marketable core skills that are in demand right now.

As for the initial requirements, students need to send the following documents electronically:

  • Official transcripts from the institution attended
  • GPA and test scores
  • Test waiver policy
  • English proficiency rating
  • References

An online application can be done at any time. Admission will be considered once all the requirements are completed.

University of Maryland-College Park (Smith)

Next on the list is the University of Maryland. The school provides numerous programs to students to ensure their development and success, including internship and scholarship opportunities, professional development resources, and online program courses.

The Robert H. Smith School of Business offers degree program to those who want to further enhance their education in Marketing, Information Systems and Business Analytics, Supply Chain Management, and Accounting and Finance.

The GRE or GMAT is required for all MBA applicants. Just like Pennsylvania State, University of Maryland requires the same documents, such as transcript of record, diploma, and English proficiency rating.

University of Virginia (Darden)

The University of Virginia offers online MBA courses for students who want to pursue greater education. They are ranked as no. 1 education experience by The Economist (2011-2017). This school offers opportunities for those wanting to combine passion and purpose. Their program includes a balanced syllabus that covers the fundamentals of business education, with course in economics, marketing, management strategies and analytics, and finance.

Darden School of business offers online courses in discipline areas that can affect the greatest on the career of their students. To know more about their programs, you can personally visit their website and explore your options.

University of Florida (Hough)

The University of Florida Online program provides students the ease and flexibility to complete an MBA degree from anywhere without sacrificing access to top faculty and high-quality learning opportunities. Students have access to competent and dedicated career faculty for career readiness.

Since the 20thcentury, The UF Hough Graduate School of Business has been providing MBA program online. Students who wish to enroll have two online MBA options: a one-year, 32-credit online program for undergrad business major student who already got the fundamentals in core subjects; and a two-year, 48-credit program that takes about twenty seven (27) months to finish the course and requires 7 visitation to the school’s Gainesville campus. Students can choose from four focus concentrations, Entrepreneurship, Global Business, Marketing, and Finance.

Similar to other business schools, Hough Graduate School of Business requires any applicant to take the GRE or GMAT. The applicant should also take TOEFL and pass the required score. Minimum document requirements include a transcript of record, diploma, and letter of recommendation. Online enrollment for the upcoming school year is now open. Student can simply visit their website for the initial application.

Above are the top 5 online MBA schools in the US. They have a reputation for excellence among peers, admission selectivity, and career support to its graduating students.

U.S. Auto Insurance Quotes Online

What are Auto Insurance Quotes?

An auto insurance quote is a document that outlines the potential coverage an individual can get for use of a specific automobile. The coverage pertains specifically to that individual and can help with the liability in case of an auto accident.

Benefits of Online Auto Insurance Quotes

(1) Multiple Transmissions of Data: A significant advantage of online auto insurance quotes is that an input of one’s personal information at a single time can be used to access many insurance carriers. Instead of making another entry of the same personal information per transaction with an insurance carrier, internet platform makes the one-entry data of personal information to be copied for other insurance carriers. Online purchase of Auto Insurance Quotes put time maximization and utility highly into consideration.

(2.) Good Decision through Comparison: The internet has access to many insurance carriers that are available for insurance transactions. By going online to get insurance quotes gives you access to critically assess and compare the various insurance quotes that are being presented to you. If you have many options to choose from, you can then thoroughly choose the insurance carrier that offers the tariff that is most suitable and plausible to you economically. This makes you use cost more efficiently and cut excess spending since there are favored quotes at a more convenient price. Amazing! You do not feel bound to one insurance carrier only. Great! Finally free from the boring exercise of entering same information over and over again.

(3) Easily Accessible Interface: The sites of most insurance company online are designed such that the prospective clients and clients have easy access to all the processes involved in insurance dealings. The interface that connects the client to the company is made to be highly comprehensible and user-friendly. For example, the process of filing a claim, subscribing for your premium, and changing of policy coverage can all be done in the comfort of your home or office. This immobile way of getting things done saves fuel that will be used in transportation, saves energy for other uses, and makes an efficient use of time and resources. Beautiful! No more sweating to get your insurance.

(4) Availability of Documents 24/7: At the time of need, if one is in a far distance from the hard-copy document, an online user can still go to the relevant insurance site and make a swift download of any documents that may be needed. Again, the availability of the documents on the internet ensures the security of all documents and makes you assured of not losing your files and documents to any form of hazard. You can print all documents anew at the time of need even in situations where the hard copy is destroyed. Great! No more fear of losing evidence and documents.

(5) Competitive Market for each Insurance Company: A tremendous success of the internet in the domain of insurance is the creation of competition for many insurance companies. The very fact that the internet makes the insurance quotes and rates of each company readily accessible to internet users, gives these insurance companies the reaction to formulate good plans that will ensure their triumph in the competitive market. They all make plans that will attract clients. Wow! This seems to be highly favorable to you.

How to Buy Auto Insurance Quotes Online

(1) Be Prepared: Get all the information ready. Driver license numbers of all the drivers involved, all relevant vehicles information, and approximate dates and details of all the violations and accidents, and distance coverage, vehicles have been through. Prepare to show your credit report (it is relative to states or companies)

(2) Start Shopping: Having got all your documents organized, begin to research quotes from carriers. In choosing, put relevant benefit that suits your age group and financial status into consideration.

(3) Protect yourself by Choosing Good Liability Limits: The states require Bodily Injury Liability covers that occurs if you are the agent that caused an accident. Also, Property Damage Liability is required for car damage caused by your vehicle. To get pay that corresponds with the cost of loss in an accident, you need to have more than the state-mandated minimum coverage. To protect yourself and your asset, acquire extra liability insurance.

(4) Deductibles and Coverage: After choosing liability limit, you will be presented optional coverages in the area of uninsured and underinsured motorists and personal injury protection(optional). This insurance pays for the medical, funeral, rehabilitation, and pain cost derived in the accident. This insurance also captures the clients’ household members as pedestrians. However, if you choose collision and comprehensive, you will be required to pay a deductible which is the charge that applies before insurance kicks in. To save rates, you can pay more deductibles.

(5) Discounts: The answer you give to the questions of what you do for a living and whether your car has, safety, anti-theft, dependable body parts will determine the price.

(6) Printing of Card, and Discarding of Old Policies: After the purchase of a policy has been achieved, there is a need for the client to print out evidence of coverage. Plausibly, the soft copy may also be saved on the clients’ emails. After the proof has been acquired, the existing policy can be abandoned or discarded, and the new policy can be adopted to save money.


Take advantage of the competition to find the best insurance policy at the best price.

How to Get an Online Medical Billing Coding Certificate

Medical billing and coding specialists are an integral part of any successful medical facility. For students, it is an appealing endeavor as these are the two fastest growing jobs in the health sector. According to The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is a projected growth in the field of up to 13% by year 2026. With an average pay of up to $40,000 per year, no wonder more and more students are interested in the budding field. We break down the courses, explore how to attain an online certificate in medical billing and coding and finally highlight competitive certification programs available online.

Medical billing and coding professionals review medical records and establish the diagnoses and procedures that a patient had.  Usually, graduates of an online medical billing and coding certificate work with insurance firms, patients or government authorities when dealing with claims or reimbursements. Additionally, they prepare invoices, code medical procedures and send bills out to patients. Coders are tasked with translating medical services into readable codes.

A certificate in medical billing and coding is perfect for individuals interested in joining the fast-paced medical field or those trying to advance their career in the field. Moreover, the online certificate course fits people on the lookout for a quick career change. In normal settings, the certification takes about one year to compete. The self-paced nature of most programs makes it possible for students to complete the course at their convenience.


Even though the application processes for medical billing and coding certificate may differ from institution to institution, you will need to obtain a high school diploma or equivalent with a GPO of 2.0 or higher. An associate degree in a related field may also come in handy. Notably, online certificate programs allow you to send your application just a few weeks before the course starts. Additionally, you may be required to present transcripts from any relevant coursework completed before. Often, you will be required to pay a non-refundable application fee while dropping off the application papers.

Medical billing and coding certification online is often broken down into:

Fundamentals of Human Anatomy and Physiology with Lab

This is the first stop for most online medical billing and coding certificate courses. Students are taken through a comprehensive breakdown of body structures and functions. You should expect to breakdown cell structures and functionality. By the end of this introductory unit, students are able to understand the different relationships among body systems.


Here, a student is equipped with knowledge of common human diseases and they get to explore the various therapies used to treat these. There’s emphasis on the disease etiology and symptoms. Students also learn diagnostic measures where dosage is also explained.

International Classification of Diseases

Students go through the principals, guidelines, definitions of terms used in the international classification of diseases. Students go through the anatomy and code structure of body systems. Moderators usually introduce coding references and ethics at this point.

Current Procedural Terminology Coding with Lab

This section builds up on the classification systems. Students are taken through CPT -4 and older versions of procedural terminologies.

Types of Medical Billing and Coding Certification Available Online

Certified Professional Coder (CPC)

This is the most recognized medical coding certification currently. This comprises understanding code sets used in the healthcare industry.

Certified Outpatient Coder (COC)

Emphasis here is on understanding terminologies, payment methodologies and codes used in the outpatient setup. Specialists with this certification are set to work in surgical centers, coding departments and outpatient billing departments.

Certified Professional Biller (CPB)

Emphasis is on understanding the overall revenue cycle. Training is intended to get specialists to hone their reimbursement filing skills.

Certified Professional Medical Auditor (CPMA)

Certification here means the specialist understands the record and documentation guidelines. They aim at ensuring the health care facility where they work not only complies to the medical standards when it comes to coding and billing but also that the establishment remains profitable.

Certified Physician Practice Manger (CPPM)

Specialists with this certificate are well-versed in medical reforms, medical office accounting and facets of physical practice management.

Certified Professional Compliance Officer (CPCO)

Those holding this certificate ensure compliance of healthcare regulations and prevention of Medicare and Medicaid fraud.

Tips for choosing where to get your certificate

  • Ensure that the course is accredited. Quality is of concern for anyone looking to pursue any online course. Check whether the certificate course is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Health Informatics and Information Management Education (CAHIM).
  • Go for institutions that will equip you in CPT, ICD-9 and HCPCS manuals by the end of the program.
  • Look for an online course that will prepare you to sit for the Certified Professional Coder from American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC).

With advancement in the field, medical billing and coding certificate has not only become lucrative but also the standards have become progressively complex. Hopefully, this will help guide you on how to get a medical billing and coding certificate online and choosing an online certificate that will equip you to deal with treatment records, assign codes to diagnose patients and work with insurance companies on claims.

Things to Know About Online Auto Insurance

Are you planning to purchase auto insurance? Or do you already have insurance but are searching for an alternative insurance provider? Car insurance is not only mandatory but it is beneficial not only for you but for your family and passengers as well. It gives financial protection when a car’s driver, passengers and other people are physically hurt during a collision and other liabilities that may happen as a result of the incident. It also provides financial protection if your car is damaged due to natural causes or disasters and during collision with stationary objects.

The good news is, you can now buy auto insurance online. With internet technology becoming advanced through the years, more and more people are turning to online options including the purchase of auto insurance. Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of buying auto insurance online:

Advantages of Online Auto Insurance

  1. There is no insurance agent or middle man involved. You do not have to negotiate or talk with an insurance agent when you purchase online and this allows you to save money in the process.
  1. You can purchase anytime whether it’s day or night time. Regardless if you’re in town or on vacation in another country, you can still purchase auto insurance and you can do so whether it’s 6 in the morning or 12 midnight.
  1. You can acquire a copy of pertinent insurance documents anytime you want. You can get a copy of important documents anytime you request for it if you purchase your auto insurance online.
  1. All essential information is readily available to you. Online auto insurance companies and providers have FAQ’s set up on their websites and all you have to do is look through and read all the information indicated.

Disadvantages of Online Auto Insurance

  1. There is no one to assist you when you file a claim. Since you acquired your car insurance online there is no insurance agent to assist you when filing claims which can be daunting during a stressful time such as a time of loss due to car accidents.
  1. You have to do all the research on your own and be your own auto insurance expert. There is no one to assist you and you have to know the technicalities and vital information all by yourself.
  1. You still have to call someone through an automated system. There will be times when the answers you are looking for may not be found on the information provided online so you still have to contact an 800 number which can be time consuming and impersonal as well.
  1. You need to be computer-literate or should be comfortable using a computer. Being computer-savvy is important as you have to fill up online quote forms and if  you’re not at ease using a computer then you have to think twice if you really want to purchase your car insurance online.

Important Tips When Buying Auto Insurance Online

  • Canvass first and visit websites of online auto insurance providers and be sure to compare quotes.
  • Make sure to visit your state’s insurance department as it contains websites of state-licensed insurance companies, consumer guides on auto insurance and price comparisons of competing insurance companies.
  • Price should not be the only consideration when buying car insurance online. You should also ascertain that you have equivalent coverage amount and be sure to scrutinize the terms of agreement.
  • Check out consumer satisfactions databases like to check the financial stability of an online auto insurance provider.
  • Ask around and seek recommendations from trusted friends and colleagues

The following are the various types of car insurance coverage:

  • Collision insurance – It covers car damages during an accident including the replacement and repair of the insured car.
  • Medical payment coverage – It covers payment of medical costs resulting from an accident.
  • Liability coverage – It helps cover costs for injuries and property damage to other people whom you are legally accountable within a covered accident.This type of coverage is mandatory in most US states for you to be able to drive your own vehicle.
  • Comprehensive insurance – It provides extra coverage in the event of an accident aside from collision and this includes vandalism, accident involving animals and weather-related incidents.
  • Uninsured motorist coverage – It allows protection against hit-and-run incidents and drivers who are uninsured.
  • Personal injury protection coverage – It covers medical expenses as well as loss of income resulting from a covered accident.
  • Underinsured motorist coverage – It helps cover the costs in the event of an accident with another car whose driver has no adequate insurance to shoulder the expenses.
  • Towing and labor insurance – This can only be availed if you already have existing comprehensive car insurance and provides reimbursement for towing and labor costs during car repairs.

Here are the steps to walk you through when filing an auto insurance claim in the event of a car accident or when you are liable for physical damages involving your car:

  1. Notify the police of the accident immediately so they can prepare a police report.
  2. Be sure to document and collect all the information concerning the accident as you will have to provide your insurance company with the details.
  3. Contact your car insurance right away and most preferably from the scene of the accident. Your car insurance company will assist you should you need help in towing your vehicle, among other things.
  4. A claims specialist shall be assigned in processing your claim. Be sure to provide him/her with all the necessary information concerning the accident. The assigned claims specialist is also there to assist you and answer all your questions related to your claim.
  5. Once the claims specialist has finalized all research you will then receive a cost estimate of the repairs that shall be done and any deductible payments that need to be settled. Upon mutual agreement of the terms, you can already claim your vehicle for the needed repairs.

Having a car takes on a great level of responsibility on your part and having auto insurance is necessary for your own safety as well as for your family and loved ones. Purchasing car insurance especially online is becoming a popular option for car owners these days allowing for more seamless and hassle-free transactions.  Most importantly, you are confident and assured that your car, your life and the life of others are secured and covered.

Top 10 Online Colleges and Universities in the U.S.


The Penn State World Campus is ranked top in the leading online degree programs. It was founded in I998 and currently is the second largest campus in the state of Pennsylvania. It offers more than 150 online programs to students all over the world. Degree programs offered includeAssociate Degrees, Bachelor’s Degrees, Undergraduate Certificates, Master’s Degrees, Doctoral Degrees, Graduate Certificates. It has an average net price of $23,000.


The University of Florida is located in the city of Gainesville and was founded in the year 1993. It offers online programs to more than 200 undergraduate and graduate students for degree and certificate programs. Top degree programs includeDoctorate, Specialist, Masters, Bachelors, Certificates and Off-Campus. It has an average net price of $11,976.


The University of Phoenix is one of the largest campus and online universities. Founded in 1976 and headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, the University of Phoenix offers online courses available throughout the world. They offer undergraduate and graduate degrees (master’s and doctoral) both via campus and online. With over 1 million students, they are a large online university with a wide range of educational options.


University of Massachusetts(Amherst campus)started asMassachusetts Agricultural College (Amherst campus)in the year 1863 and expanded to University of Massachusetts Boston (UMass system) in 1964. It consists of six campuses. Online programs offered includeDoctoral Degree, Master’s Degree, Bachelor’s Degree, Associate’s Degree, Certificate, Non-Credit Certificate, Professional Development, andDigital Badge.


Oregon State’s e-campus is located in Oregon’s Willamette Valley and was established in 1868. It has consistently been ranked among the top 10 best online universities for the fourth straight year by U.S. News & World Report. It provides one of the best educations in terms of the quality of its programs and offers more than50 online degrees, certificate programs, andnoncredit courses to more than 20,000 students worldwide.


Capella University was founded in 1993and is located in Minneapolis. It is currently ranked ninth in the world. It offers 154 online degree programs and more than 1,940 individual courses in bachelors, masters, doctoral and certificates levels to more than 35,000 students worldwide. The university also operates learning centers in 48 states and eight countries outside the United States. All degree programs in Capella University are based online. You can earn your degree in 12 months. It has an average net price of $11,000.


Southern New Hampshire University is a private and nonprofit academic institution established in 1932 and offers one of the lowest tuition rates in the country. It is located in Manchester/Hooksett, New Hampshire. It is accredited by the Commission on Institutions of Higher Education of the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. It offers degree from over 200 online programs to more than 75,000 students.


Arizona State University is located in Tempe, Arizona, U.S. It was founded in 1885 and ranks among the best in the US. It offers more than 150 undergraduate, graduate and certificates programs to over 20,000 students. It helps student acquire and develop programs that fit their career goals. It has a net price of $13,007.


It was established in the year 2007 and was the first independent online state university in the U.S. It is an online campus that offers 24 accredited degree programs for both Bachelor and Master students of over 15,000 students. It has an averagenet price of $16,232. Duration for courses is 8 weeks and monthly starts. Online courses are designed for working adults.


Walden was established in 1932 and offers more than 85 online degreeprograms with more than 435 concentrations and specializations to over 55,000 adult learners. Top degrees in Doctoral, Masters and Undergraduate levels. Walden is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission and is committed to the highest quality. It provides multiple start dates throughout the year. You can select from online programs such as certificate, tempo learning or traditional degree programs.