Top 11 Graphic Design Schools in the U.S.

So, you have an interest in graphic design but aren’t sure where to start. We’re here to help by providing some insights and recommendations on potential graphic design schools. Are you interested in design and have some knowledge of modern technology? If so, a career in graphic designer could be a great choice to pursue.

Of course, there are more factors than just an interest – finances, flexibility, location and qulaity are all determining factors.

If you are looking for flexible degree options and a high rate of post-graduation employment, we’ve got some great options for you to consider below. We review some of the best schools, taking into account the variety of possibilities for all kinds of students. We hope that after looking through this list, you will have a better idea of what graphic design schools interest you.

Rhode Island School of Design

Since 1877, this college has been working on its reputation and is currently known as one of the best fine art and design schools in the USA. Every year, about 2500 students give their preference to RISD and take advantage of one of the programs offered for bachelors or masters. The school is based in Providence, Rhode Island. RISD can be considered as one of the leaders in design and art education, and thousands of beautiful minds are attracted by this legendary place every year. Additionally, Rhode Island School of Design offers guidance to its graduates, who can take advantage of this throughout their lifetime.

Parsons School of Design

Those who have decided to pursue a designer’s career can choose one of the several graphic design educational options, available in the program at the Parsons School of Art, Media, and Technology. For beginners, the most convenient way to go will be the Graphic Design Certificate program. After this, you can go for a Graphic Design BFA and Graphic Design AAS.

Maryland Institute College of Art

It is one of the oldest art schools in the US, founded in 1826. Students who wish to get a BFA in graphic design, have several options here: the Standard program, BFA with studio concentration, BFA in Graphic Design and humanistic studies. Everyone is free to choose the program of their preference.

Rochester Institute of Technology

One of the best schools in this sphere is RIT. Students who choose Graphic Designs as their main speciality will get a BFA in case of successful graduation. The students of this institute have a unique chance to work with other departments and broaden their experience and range of skills. Design students cooperate with engineering and technical departments on relevant projects.

Yale University

At Yale’s School of Art, although very challenging to apply and get in, offers students a Graphic Design MFA program. The course takes 2 years, and a very limited number of students are accepted. Only 10 people can qualify for this program. But, one option is to first apply for the preliminary-year program, you will get a guaranteed opportunity to participate in the MFA program.

Savannah College of Art and Design

Often referred to as SCAD, this school is a perfect place for the students who are passionate about graphic design. Degrees from BA to MFA are available in Graphic Design programs. Foreign students can take advantage of the school’s Hong Kong branch and get their degree abroad.

Pratt Institute

Situated in Brooklyn, this educational institution has several degree programs to offer to its students. Thus, future graphic designers can go for AAS in GD, focused mainly on illustration. AOS in Graphic Design and BFA in Communication Design are also offered here.

Carnegie Mellon University

At this university, students can apply for the Bachelor of Design program. After finishing their studies, they will be specialized in Communication Design. This degree is ranked the same as the BFA diploma, and it can give the graduates great opportunities after finishing their studies.

Boston University

The students who choose the path of the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design, have an exclusive opportunity to improve their knowledge and gain new skills with a big choice of unlimited design projects. Before they qualify for any program, the students should attend an obligatory course, focused on setting a foundation in artistic knowledge. Both BFA and MHA programs are available here.

Temple University

Tyler School of Art in Temple University is a very reputable place. Apart from BFA and MFA degrees in Graphic and Interactive Design, students can go for several additional options within the offered programs. MFA and BFA program students can take advantage of the Rome Program, which includes a study abroad for 6 weeks in the summer.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The Media Lab of MIT is a unique structure, which unites the representatives of different faculties in same projects, so-called atelier style. Graphic design students also occupy their niche in these activities.


Currently lots of universities and schools offer opportunities for those who want to specialize in graphic design. We have tried to outline what we consider the best options in terms of price, rates and the quality of education. Now, it’s up to you to decide which direction to go. Good luck with finding your graphic design path.