Top 5 Online MBA Schools in the U.S.

Today, more people than ever are getting their MBA degree programs online. Getting a master’s degree has become easier since many universities in the US are now offering them directly online. Previously, people would have to quit their job first to get the degree but, now, they can do both at the same time. Many business universities now provide an online option that allows maximum flexibility to their students. The flexibility of getting an online MBA degree allows a student to work around both professional and personal commitments.

As for picking the right MBA school, here is a cultivated list of universities that offer online MBA degrees. These schools offer the best online master’s degree in business administration, based on factors such as reputation for excellence among peers, admission selectivity, and career support to its graduating students.

University of North Carolina (Kenan Flagler)

The UNC Kenan Flagler business school gives full-time professionals the chance to advance their careers from anywhere in the world. Students may select 1 of 8 concentration tracks to pursue, including Data Analytics and Decision Making, Corporate Finance, Management Consulting, Sustainable Enterprise, Chain Management, Global Supply, Entrepreneurship, or Investment Management.

The university allows students to complete the program on a full or part-time schedule. Through hands-on learning experiences and intimate online classes, students develop the insights to lead top organization, network face-to-face with competent and accomplished professors and earn the MBA degree as on-campus students.

To start with the application, applicants can visit their website and fill out a brief form to receive more information about the program from their admission team.

Pennsylvania State University – World Campus

The Pennsylvania State University takes the second spot in this ranking. The university offers core programs that will help business-minded professionals advance their careers by exposing them to practices and principles necessary to modern management. The university’s comprehensive list of online MBA programs helps fill skill gaps in today’s complex business environment. These programs allow students to expand their education while earning highly marketable core skills that are in demand right now.

As for the initial requirements, students need to send the following documents electronically:

  • Official transcripts from the institution attended
  • GPA and test scores
  • Test waiver policy
  • English proficiency rating
  • References

An online application can be done at any time. Admission will be considered once all the requirements are completed.

University of Maryland-College Park (Smith)

Next on the list is the University of Maryland. The school provides numerous programs to students to ensure their development and success, including internship and scholarship opportunities, professional development resources, and online program courses.

The Robert H. Smith School of Business offers degree program to those who want to further enhance their education in Marketing, Information Systems and Business Analytics, Supply Chain Management, and Accounting and Finance.

The GRE or GMAT is required for all MBA applicants. Just like Pennsylvania State, University of Maryland requires the same documents, such as transcript of record, diploma, and English proficiency rating.

University of Virginia (Darden)

The University of Virginia offers online MBA courses for students who want to pursue greater education. They are ranked as no. 1 education experience by The Economist (2011-2017). This school offers opportunities for those wanting to combine passion and purpose. Their program includes a balanced syllabus that covers the fundamentals of business education, with course in economics, marketing, management strategies and analytics, and finance.

Darden School of business offers online courses in discipline areas that can affect the greatest on the career of their students. To know more about their programs, you can personally visit their website and explore your options.

University of Florida (Hough)

The University of Florida Online program provides students the ease and flexibility to complete an MBA degree from anywhere without sacrificing access to top faculty and high-quality learning opportunities. Students have access to competent and dedicated career faculty for career readiness.

Since the 20thcentury, The UF Hough Graduate School of Business has been providing MBA program online. Students who wish to enroll have two online MBA options: a one-year, 32-credit online program for undergrad business major student who already got the fundamentals in core subjects; and a two-year, 48-credit program that takes about twenty seven (27) months to finish the course and requires 7 visitation to the school’s Gainesville campus. Students can choose from four focus concentrations, Entrepreneurship, Global Business, Marketing, and Finance.

Similar to other business schools, Hough Graduate School of Business requires any applicant to take the GRE or GMAT. The applicant should also take TOEFL and pass the required score. Minimum document requirements include a transcript of record, diploma, and letter of recommendation. Online enrollment for the upcoming school year is now open. Student can simply visit their website for the initial application.

Above are the top 5 online MBA schools in the US. They have a reputation for excellence among peers, admission selectivity, and career support to its graduating students.

The Best Colleges for Healthcare Management Degrees in the U.S.

Are you looking for a path to a long and prosperous career in the health field? Do you want to be a clinical director, health and social services manager, office manager or a practice administrator?  A survey done by the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics found the workforce is expected to grow by 17% in the next decade for health and medical service managers. We have ranked the top 5 best colleges for healthcare management based on results of peer assessment surveys sent to professionals. A point based system was employed where other factors such as the tuition rates, retention rates and student/ faculty ratio were also considered.

Concordia University

Concordia University’s healthcare management program stands out due to its efficiency in course delivery. With a high school diploma and original copies of your SATs or ACTs, freshmen can be well on their way to acquiring a healthcare management degree certified by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC). Attention is particularly given to teaching students how to improve efficaciousness and quality of health care. The fully online course encompasses 128-credits where students are taken through general education, principles of health care management, healthcare marketing and governing ethics. At the end of the course, students are required to go through a 60-hour practicum supervised by an assigned university lecturer. Boasting of a 90% placement rate, and similar fees for in-state or out-of-state residents, students are assured of detailed learning from industry experts.

University of Alabama at Birmingham

Housing the largest academic medical center in the United States, UAB is perfect for a student looking to create a rich network early on in their career. The healthcare management course offered here is purely online. This is of particular interest to professionals already within the field looking to climb the corporate ladder. By accessing UAB online, prospective students get a breakdown of what’s offered at the institution. For graduates with associate degrees, certificates and state licenses, they can start at the clinical manager track. Also offered is the pre-professional track which is available for students with a master’s degree. At the point of admission, each student is required to have a minimum of 2.5-2.75 GPA.

Gardener-Webb University

At Gardener-Webb University, students interested in Healthcare Management are not only presented with the basics of the field, they are introduced to Christian business ethics. The program here is structured to provide students with an understanding of the basic concepts of human relations management, operations and organizational structures. The healthcare management program at Gardener Webb University includes 36 credit hours in Broyhill Undergraduate School of Management and 21 hours of the Healthcare Management course. Graduates from the degree program at Gardner-Webb University boast of having extensive insight into international health, heath care policies, laws, budgeting, and finances. Students part with $30,000 on tuition fees per academic year with additional costs for housing, books and supplies.

Maryville University of Saint Louis

Located in Missouri, Maryville University of Saint Louis comes in fourth. With a student/ faculty ratio of 14:1, their online healthcare management degree is highly sought after due to the immersive practicum program. The program accepts transfers of eligible credits making it suitable for students interested in making a career change. The degree course is structured to provide you with contextual insights into the running of a healthcare practice. Students can expect to be taken through financial management in healthcare, software and technologies in healthcare and end their program with a practicum. The course is accredited by HLC, ranked amongst America’s Top Colleges by Forbes in 2017 and ranked as the private college with the best value by Kiplinger’s Personal Finance 2018 ranking. The degree program costs $27000 per academic year for the 4 academic years.

Drury University

Located in Springfield, Missouri, the 124 credit healthcare management program is a leader in impacting organizational leadership and financial basics. This course is perfect for professionals or undergraduates interested in going into elderly care. It offers a unit in gerontology where students are taken through sociological, psychological and economic factors in aging. The institution offers an extensive course into health care ethics with facilitators utilizing case studies for a hands-on learning experience. The institution allows the transfer of relatable credits with 30 credits set as the minimum requirement. Based on 12-17 credit hours per semester, full time undergraduate students pay a minimum of $13,700.


Healthcare management covers a large pool of positions and settings within the healthcare industry. Earning a degree in healthcare management from the best schools is the first step into getting a position within any hospital, insurance company or long term care facility of your choice. Remember, as the healthcare industry grows, so do your opportunities to take a leadership role and have a long and lucrative career.

10 Best Medical Assistant Schools in the United States

Being a medical assistant (MA) is a fulfilling career putting you in a unique position to change lives. Most importantly, professionals are in high demand with statistics from the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics estimating a projected growth of 29% by 2026. It is paramount to choose the right medical assistant school in order to thrive in this dynamic career.

These schools were ranked based on the following metrics:

  • graduation rate
  • retention rate
  • cost of tuition
  • community culture
  • student services

Medical assistant schools with the lowest tuition cost, highest graduation and retention rates and easiest to apply are ranked highest. All school programs ranked are accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs.

1. Century College

Century College Medical Assistant program is ranked the number one program in the country. It boasts of having the highest graduation rates, retention rates and affordable tuition rates. Located just outside Minneapolis, Minnesota, the program is designed to equip students with the best patient care management skills. Graduates go through 48 credited hours and a 300-hour clinical externship under direct supervision of a physician. After the program, trainees will have gained clinical, laboratory and administrative skills to enhance the quality of patients’ lives. To apply, students need an official high school transcript and a certificate of good conduct. Additionally, you have to pass English and reading course placement tests and arithmetic course placement tests.

2. Eastern Idaho Technical College

Eastern Idaho Technical College makes it to this list due to its friendly tuition rates coupled with a 96.67% retention rate. The small population at the campus offers MA students an opportunity to have one on one interaction with the training stuff. The medical assistant associate of applied science degree runs 4 semesters and a summer totaling to 2 years. Application involves filling out the admission form, presenting high school transcripts and proof of Placement tests for English and Math. A C or better is required for pre-requisite coursework as well as a criminal background check.

3. Wichita Area Technical College

At Wichita Area Technical College offers great certificate and associate medical assistant degree programs. The program boosts of a 60% retention and graduation rate. The institution offers a 9-months technical MA certificate and a 24 months Associate of Applied Science MA degree. Medical assistants from the program are equipped with cognitive skills and effective techniques to offer excellent work as heath care providers. Applicants are expected to take an Accuplacer science, arithmetic and reading test and provide a high school diploma during application.

4. Mitchell Technical Institute

The medical assistant program at Mitchell Technical Institute is a 2-year program where graduates get an associate of applied science degree. This fully accredited program, located in Mitchell, South Dakota, prepares medical assistants that can handle both the front office work and direct patient care. Application is relatively easy with applicants being required to provide a criminal background check and verification that they don’t have physical limitations. This is meant to ascertain they can perform routine tasks.  The students go through 73 credited hours in classrooms and cutting-edge laboratories. After graduation, students can sit for the certification examinations by the AAMA to improve their chances at job placement.

5. Renton Technical College

The medical assistant program at Renton Technical College (just south of Seattle, WA) has a retention rate of 85% and graduation rates on 97%. Other than extensive classroom and laboratory studies, students go through supervised clinical practicum. Additionally, students are prepared for the four national credentialing exams. Applicants require a high school diploma, a certificate of good conduct and a certificate of good health.

6. Nebraska Methodist College

Located in Omaha, Nebraska, this religious institution offers a 12- month MA certificate program to applicants from diverse backgrounds. The program, with a retention rate of 92%, requires a total of 930 credited hours with 300 hours reserved for hands-on clinical experience. Students are prepared for AAMA examination prior to graduation in their fully-equipped laboratory and class sessions. Applicants must have a high school diploma with a GPA of 2.0 and exemplary abilities in science and math courses.

7. YTI Career Institute

The medical assistant program at YTI Career Institute (in Lancaster, PA) equips new entrants into the profession with hands-on patient care techniques as well as front office acumen. In 21 months, graduates earn an Associate in Specialized Technology degree. The institute, with graduation rates of 67% and retention of 80%, boasts of up to date medical facilities, equipment and qualified staff. With the 12 weeks externship, graduates get on-the-job skills that will have them be integral members on any medical team.

8. Ohio Business College

Ohio Business College’s accredited MA program has a retention rate of 75% and graduation rates of 57%. They offer flexible class schedules across multiple branches within Ohio including day and night classes. The diploma is offered at main campus and Sandusky campus each boasting of a 5-year graduate satisfaction rate of 100%. Applicants require a high school diploma and good written and spoken English.

9. Forest College

Located in Anderson, South Carolina, Forest College MA degree program has 65% retention rates. Graduates make it out with an associate of science in medical assisting in 95 credited hours. These allied health professionals become multi-functional professionals that make integral members of health-care delivery teams in and out of state. Applicants require a complete physical examination, criminal background checks and high school diplomas with a minimum GPA of 2.0.

10. Kennebec Valley Community College

Located in Fairfield, Maine, Kennebec Valley Community College offers a certificate and two-year Associated in Applied Science MA degree. The graduation rate is at a mere 40% and the retention rate of just 67%. Applicants need an official high school diploma and a minimum of C in College level science with labs. Additionally, a minimum 74 is required in the Accuplacer sentence skills tests and 55 in arithmetic. At the start of the first semester of the MA course, students need strong academic standing in the form of a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher.

A professional medical assistant is a multi-faceted individual with top-notch skills in all aspects of medical practice requiring excellent training. These top credited medical assistant schools in the U.S will jump start your career in this highly competitive, rewarding career.

Top 11 Graphic Design Schools in the U.S.

So, you have an interest in graphic design but aren’t sure where to start. We’re here to help by providing some insights and recommendations on potential graphic design schools. Are you interested in design and have some knowledge of modern technology? If so, a career in graphic designer could be a great choice to pursue.

Of course, there are more factors than just an interest – finances, flexibility, location and qulaity are all determining factors.

If you are looking for flexible degree options and a high rate of post-graduation employment, we’ve got some great options for you to consider below. We review some of the best schools, taking into account the variety of possibilities for all kinds of students. We hope that after looking through this list, you will have a better idea of what graphic design schools interest you.

Rhode Island School of Design

Since 1877, this college has been working on its reputation and is currently known as one of the best fine art and design schools in the USA. Every year, about 2500 students give their preference to RISD and take advantage of one of the programs offered for bachelors or masters. The school is based in Providence, Rhode Island. RISD can be considered as one of the leaders in design and art education, and thousands of beautiful minds are attracted by this legendary place every year. Additionally, Rhode Island School of Design offers guidance to its graduates, who can take advantage of this throughout their lifetime.

Parsons School of Design

Those who have decided to pursue a designer’s career can choose one of the several graphic design educational options, available in the program at the Parsons School of Art, Media, and Technology. For beginners, the most convenient way to go will be the Graphic Design Certificate program. After this, you can go for a Graphic Design BFA and Graphic Design AAS.

Maryland Institute College of Art

It is one of the oldest art schools in the US, founded in 1826. Students who wish to get a BFA in graphic design, have several options here: the Standard program, BFA with studio concentration, BFA in Graphic Design and humanistic studies. Everyone is free to choose the program of their preference.

Rochester Institute of Technology

One of the best schools in this sphere is RIT. Students who choose Graphic Designs as their main speciality will get a BFA in case of successful graduation. The students of this institute have a unique chance to work with other departments and broaden their experience and range of skills. Design students cooperate with engineering and technical departments on relevant projects.

Yale University

At Yale’s School of Art, although very challenging to apply and get in, offers students a Graphic Design MFA program. The course takes 2 years, and a very limited number of students are accepted. Only 10 people can qualify for this program. But, one option is to first apply for the preliminary-year program, you will get a guaranteed opportunity to participate in the MFA program.

Savannah College of Art and Design

Often referred to as SCAD, this school is a perfect place for the students who are passionate about graphic design. Degrees from BA to MFA are available in Graphic Design programs. Foreign students can take advantage of the school’s Hong Kong branch and get their degree abroad.

Pratt Institute

Situated in Brooklyn, this educational institution has several degree programs to offer to its students. Thus, future graphic designers can go for AAS in GD, focused mainly on illustration. AOS in Graphic Design and BFA in Communication Design are also offered here.

Carnegie Mellon University

At this university, students can apply for the Bachelor of Design program. After finishing their studies, they will be specialized in Communication Design. This degree is ranked the same as the BFA diploma, and it can give the graduates great opportunities after finishing their studies.

Boston University

The students who choose the path of the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design, have an exclusive opportunity to improve their knowledge and gain new skills with a big choice of unlimited design projects. Before they qualify for any program, the students should attend an obligatory course, focused on setting a foundation in artistic knowledge. Both BFA and MHA programs are available here.

Temple University

Tyler School of Art in Temple University is a very reputable place. Apart from BFA and MFA degrees in Graphic and Interactive Design, students can go for several additional options within the offered programs. MFA and BFA program students can take advantage of the Rome Program, which includes a study abroad for 6 weeks in the summer.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The Media Lab of MIT is a unique structure, which unites the representatives of different faculties in same projects, so-called atelier style. Graphic design students also occupy their niche in these activities.


Currently lots of universities and schools offer opportunities for those who want to specialize in graphic design. We have tried to outline what we consider the best options in terms of price, rates and the quality of education. Now, it’s up to you to decide which direction to go. Good luck with finding your graphic design path.

Top 10 Online Colleges and Universities in the U.S.


The Penn State World Campus is ranked top in the leading online degree programs. It was founded in I998 and currently is the second largest campus in the state of Pennsylvania. It offers more than 150 online programs to students all over the world. Degree programs offered includeAssociate Degrees, Bachelor’s Degrees, Undergraduate Certificates, Master’s Degrees, Doctoral Degrees, Graduate Certificates. It has an average net price of $23,000.


The University of Florida is located in the city of Gainesville and was founded in the year 1993. It offers online programs to more than 200 undergraduate and graduate students for degree and certificate programs. Top degree programs includeDoctorate, Specialist, Masters, Bachelors, Certificates and Off-Campus. It has an average net price of $11,976.


The University of Phoenix is one of the largest campus and online universities. Founded in 1976 and headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, the University of Phoenix offers online courses available throughout the world. They offer undergraduate and graduate degrees (master’s and doctoral) both via campus and online. With over 1 million students, they are a large online university with a wide range of educational options.


University of Massachusetts(Amherst campus)started asMassachusetts Agricultural College (Amherst campus)in the year 1863 and expanded to University of Massachusetts Boston (UMass system) in 1964. It consists of six campuses. Online programs offered includeDoctoral Degree, Master’s Degree, Bachelor’s Degree, Associate’s Degree, Certificate, Non-Credit Certificate, Professional Development, andDigital Badge.


Oregon State’s e-campus is located in Oregon’s Willamette Valley and was established in 1868. It has consistently been ranked among the top 10 best online universities for the fourth straight year by U.S. News & World Report. It provides one of the best educations in terms of the quality of its programs and offers more than50 online degrees, certificate programs, andnoncredit courses to more than 20,000 students worldwide.


Capella University was founded in 1993and is located in Minneapolis. It is currently ranked ninth in the world. It offers 154 online degree programs and more than 1,940 individual courses in bachelors, masters, doctoral and certificates levels to more than 35,000 students worldwide. The university also operates learning centers in 48 states and eight countries outside the United States. All degree programs in Capella University are based online. You can earn your degree in 12 months. It has an average net price of $11,000.


Southern New Hampshire University is a private and nonprofit academic institution established in 1932 and offers one of the lowest tuition rates in the country. It is located in Manchester/Hooksett, New Hampshire. It is accredited by the Commission on Institutions of Higher Education of the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. It offers degree from over 200 online programs to more than 75,000 students.


Arizona State University is located in Tempe, Arizona, U.S. It was founded in 1885 and ranks among the best in the US. It offers more than 150 undergraduate, graduate and certificates programs to over 20,000 students. It helps student acquire and develop programs that fit their career goals. It has a net price of $13,007.


It was established in the year 2007 and was the first independent online state university in the U.S. It is an online campus that offers 24 accredited degree programs for both Bachelor and Master students of over 15,000 students. It has an averagenet price of $16,232. Duration for courses is 8 weeks and monthly starts. Online courses are designed for working adults.


Walden was established in 1932 and offers more than 85 online degreeprograms with more than 435 concentrations and specializations to over 55,000 adult learners. Top degrees in Doctoral, Masters and Undergraduate levels. Walden is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission and is committed to the highest quality. It provides multiple start dates throughout the year. You can select from online programs such as certificate, tempo learning or traditional degree programs.