Black Friday Shopping 2018

Black Friday fever is about to explode and you better be in the loop!  Online or offline, there is so much to look forward to so don’t be left behind. The shop till you drop season is about to commence a day after Thanksgiving. Before you get caught up in all the confusion on where to shop, here’s a checklist of the best places to get the best deals:


The e-commerce giant and cloud computing company founded by Jeff Bezos is a certified hit among Black Friday shoppers. Last year it clinched the top spot with more or less 171 Editor’s Choice Deals.  Most of the products put on sale for their lightning deals last year included smart devices, Alexa-enabled smart speakers, Fire tablets and TV devices as well as shirts and S1 transporters.  For this year, the online retailer will have a 10-day sale from November 16thto the 25thwith some of their early online deals including Philips smart bulbs and Amazon Echos.


This US department store chain founded by Rowland Hussey Macy in 1958 is a byword among Black Friday shoppers for their extensive deals on toys, electronics, bedding, small kitchen appliances, clothes and much more.  They have already released their Black Friday ad with a couple of free items also up for grabs. Just some of the  great deals to look out for this year include discounted Apple watches, Corningware and Pyrex sets, blenders, waffle makers, pressure cookers and comforters.


This US-based multinational retail company founded by Sam Walton in 1962 is another major player and crowd favorite when it comes to Black Friday deals. With major headquarters in Arkansas, this popular brand is set to released their Black Friday ad November 8th.  Their best deals last year included discounted Apple iPhones and iPads, a Sharp Smart TV, the FitBit Alta, the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Google Home speakers.  This retail giant is also well-known for its great Black Friday deals on LEGO toys, apparel and outer wear.


Highly popular for its Black Friday deals, this US-based multi-national e-commerce company was founded in 1995 by Pierre Omidyar. With e-commerce now the ultimate rage, it has positioned itself as the ultimate marketplace for shoppers from across all age brackets.  Their best Black Friday deals include headphones, televisions, video game consoles and security cameras.


Best known for being the second largest department store retailer in the US after Walmart, this popular retailer which was founded in 1902 is a very strong contender when it comes to Black Friday deals. Target releases its ad as early as November 1 and some of the hot deals and discounted items that you shouldn’t miss include:  selected LEGO sets, the Amazon Echo, the Fitbit Charge 3, the Amazon Echo Dot, the Sony PlayStation 4, small kitchen appliances and the Samsung Galaxy 9 smartphone.


BestBuy is a US-based multinational electronics retailer founded in 1966 by Richard Schulze and James Wheeler. This brand is among the top contenders when it comes to the best Black Friday electronics deals.  Just some of their best deals last year included discounted Sharp, Sony and Samsung LED TV’s, the Samsung Galaxy Note, a Samsung Chrome Book, a Dell Inspiron and Apple iPad Mini 4. While many of the great deals are in-store only, they do offer online shoppers  deals that extend through Cyber Monday.


One of the more established, veteran brands, Kohl’s is a US-based department store retail chain founded in 1927 by Maxwell Kohl, a Polish immigrant.  This brand is well-known for their Black Friday deals  and discounts on items like fitness trackers, smart watches, electronics, fitness shoes, clothing, home goods and small kitchen appliances.


This company is the go-to for electronic geeks and shoppers who love to hunt for the best deals on computers and electronics. This US-based multinational computer technology corporation was founded in 1984 by Michael Dell with headquarters in Round Rock, Texas, USA. Their Black Friday discounted items are mostly laptops and personal computers with the best deals usually accompanied with a bundled gift card. Some of their Black Friday deals to watch out for are discounted items like the Xbox One, the Google Home, a Sony 65 inch Smart TV, the Dell G5 15 and a Vizio 50 inch Smart TV.

With Black Friday approaching you surely don’t want to be left behind with all these fabulous deals that are up for grabs. Take your pick from these brands and online retail chains or better yet, check them all out and get your money’s worth, too!

Top 10 Tips for Buying a Used Cellphone

You need a cell phone, and you need it now. Maybe, your phone contract is up for renewal, or maybe you lost the last one or dropped your phone in the toilet.  You have nothing to worry about. There a lot of good options for mobile phones available today. This smartphone guide will cover everything you need to know before buying one. With this guide, you can make sure you get the very best used cellphone for your budget and needs.

With excellent new flagships from different phone companies like Google, Apple, and Samsung, choosing the right phone is tricky. There are just a lot of different things to consider when buying a used cell phone since each one of us wants different features on our phones.

If you are having a hard time choosing your smartphone, these tips might help you. Here are a few points to consider before buying a used smartphone:

Decide what mobile platform you prefer.

Choosing the right platform is one of the most important decisions to make when buying a smartphone. Today, there are three major mobile platforms available; Android, Windows, and iOS.

Android: If you have a tight budget, an Android phone will be the best for you. This smartphone is available in all budgets from an affordable model to high-end and expensive handsets. The big benefit is Android OS cellphones are directly integrated with Google services. Basically, most of the applications and services are free. You can simply download the free apps from Play Store.

iOS: Since Apple introduced the iOS operating system back in, it has quickly become one of the most used single platforms for mobile devices. The key is to understand if you go down the iOS path, you will be kept within this ecosystem. So, if you have other Apple devices (Macs, etc.), this will play nicely. If not, be sure you’re ready to commit to Apple as your source platform. The nice thing is this is one of the most stable and consistent platforms on the market. Apple is well known for its intuitive and stable software which appeals to many.

Windows: If Microsoft is your OS of choice, these types of phones will be worth considering. Compared to Android and iOS, however, this platform lags behind in terms of the amount and variety of mobile apps. But they have some powerful solutions that align nicely if you use Windows for other devices (laptops, Surface, desktop, etc.).

Choose what brand of the smartphone.

Deciding what brand to buy is very crucial because it will affect whether your handset will get good upgrades and services. Popular brands available today are Apple, Samsung, and Google. These larger brands ensure your device operating system will continue to receive the necessary upgrades it needs to be supported in the coming years.

Check the hardware and design.

If you are the kind of person who prefers a sleek phone design, then you can consider smartphones with a poly-carbonated body (Sony, Samsung, HTC, Apple, and LG) or metal body (Apple, HTC). Metal body on the phone gives a different feel to the hand when held, while a polycarbonate body is much more resistant and durable against dents. In terms of hardware, the screen, the processor, and the memory and storage are the things to be considered.

Consider software updates.

Most Android phones run a version of the OS that is a multi-generation Android design. Although the new updates may be optional, the regular monthly security updates should be prioritized. When choosing your phone, you should make sure that the manufacturer of the phone you are buying doesn’t fall behind more than a month. Updates for iOS are less of a concern because Apple generally supports its old hardware (to a degree).

Consider battery capacity and usage.

Everyday usage of your phone loses a little of its battery capacity. By the time your smartphone is one to two years old, it will likely encounter battery sustainability issues (a percentage of the capacity of the original battery). This generally applies to all cellphones, however, some Android phones offer replaceable batteries which is a nice flexible feature not found with Apple devices.

Compare and research prices.

When we look for a used cellphone, we benefit because it should always be cheaper than the brand-new phones. When you have chosen your desired cellphone, be sure to evaluate a number of different places before committing to purchase. Also, it’s very important to determine if there’s any type of on it as there’s always risk that a used cellphone won’t operate as well as intended because the conditions can vary greatly.

Know your seller.

E-commerce sites like eBay and Amazon are good sites to buy a used smartphone. These e-commerce sites provide a safe market environment. The full description of the product is readily available on the site, and reviews of the seller can be seen to know whether the seller is reliable or not. Another site to consider is Craigslist. The benefit here is you can find a local seller and see the phone before you commit to purchase. The downside is there are sellers that are not always forthright so be careful of committing and make sure you see the product functioning before you pay.

Check the add-ons of the cellphone you are buying.

The add-ons of what you are buying are not only a bonus, they give relevant and valuable information about the seller. For instance, if the item is shipped in its original box, then most likely the phone you are buying is not stolen. Or if it is shipped in a case or in a screen protector, you can expect the phone to be in relatively good shape. And be on the lookout for the additional peripherals – charging cable, earphones (if not used) and any other factors that will add value (and reduce cost to you).

Note the smartphone overall condition.

Your primary concern when you are checking a used phone is the phone’s screen. You should check for any chips or cracks on the screen. If it has any cracks, be wary and look for something else.

Check the smartphone upon receipt.

So the smartphone is in your hands. Upon receipt, make sure to examine and check the smartphone to see if there are any hidden defects. The earlier you find the defect the better since most of the e-commerce sites allows only a brief period for the return of the item bought.

So there you have it. Hope the things we have mentioned can help you when buying a used smartphone. Just always remember to consider every factor when buying one.