Why You Should Hire an Immigration Attorney

Are you looking to immigrate? Do you need a work permit, marriage license or are you seeking citizenship? When most people think of these processes given that we are in the digital age, they wonder why they should hire a lawyer and not just go at it by themselves. This is, however, ill-advised. The immigration process can be unpredictable and as such you need an expert holding your hand. Previous applicants will tell you just how easy it is to make a mistake that can be difficult to reverse and at times, some of these can bar you from future successful applications. We explore some of the benefits you will derive from hiring professional help, how you can go about it and what it will likely cost you. 

Benefits of an immigration lawyer

Immigration lawyers avoid mistakes.

The immigration process involves lots of paperwork. Whether you are looking to acquire a visa or have a loved one join you in your host company, filling the correct paperwork is vital to your success. Having an experienced professional guide you through the extensive paperwork will help you avoid the loopholes that will stand in the way of your application. They will help get all the important documents verified by the right authorities. 

Immigration attorneys are able to navigate through the permits and regulations. 

An experience lawyer understands the complex regulatory systems tied to the application process. Most applicants may not understand the procedural maneuver necessitating taking on the services of an attorney. 

You are an easy target when you are unrepresented 

Immigrants are a population that is at risk especially when they are undocumented. This usually means that unscrupulous individuals and companies seek to take advantage of this group. An immigration lawyer cushions you from this eventuality. They bar you from intimidation, extortion and undue process. An immigration lawyer becomes your defender making you less vulnerable throughout the process. 

Hiring a lawyer is not only efficient but reduces risk 

It is estimated that hiring a professional immigration lawyer can save you up to 8 weeks in the immigration process. An experienced attorney will not only help you identify the visa and relief that best fits your individual case but will also help you make a valid and complete application. They guide you through the possible pitfalls that will get your application thrown out. 

Saves you money and time 

Imagine spending thousands in the immigration process and waiting for months to not only have your application thrown out or in extreme cases, be deported or excluded from future entry. Immigration lawyers cushion you from exactly that. They advise on whether to apply for relief via a waiver. Similarly, they examine any run-ins you may have had with law enforcement to check if that would hamper your case. In situations where you are seeking asylum or any type of visa that will require you to proceed to the immigration court, they prepare you for court as well. 

Hiring an immigration attorney 

When hiring a lawyer, it is advised to hire one that specializes in immigration law. This is especially necessary as the subset can be complex and extensive. An experienced attorney will have a firm grasp on the do’s and don’ts during the process. Additionally, they understand the trends in the process and what will affect your individual application. 

Notably, seasoned professionals will have relevant contacts that will simplify the process. This will be handy if you seek to fast-track the process.  

How do you figure out you landed a good immigration lawyer? Consider how they treat you and your case. Does he simply want to have his fees settled or does he take the time to check out your particular case? Does he seek to listen to your predicaments or goes on to offer you a generic solution? Does he handle your case himself or pass it on to a less qualified paralegal or associate? Representation during the immigration process is vital and could make or break your case. Take time to examine whether they truly care about your case. 


It is common practice for most immigration lawyers to charge a fixed rate instead of an hourly rate. To avoid misunderstanding, have your lawyer of choice clearly break down all the associated the costs to you. As the process may be costly, go for firms that will work with you to come up with a payment plan instead of having to pay the full amount upfront. 

Navigating through the process of immigration can be such a headache especially when you have no bearing in immigration law. From the extensive paperwork to all the different requirements, you are certainly going to end up feeling rather frustrated. That is where immigration attorneys step in. Take on the services of a reputable immigration lawyer to walk you through the correct steps. Do not gamble with your future but instead let the experts help you in your path to immigration.