10 Best Medical Assistant Schools in the United States

Being a medical assistant (MA) is a fulfilling career putting you in a unique position to change lives. Most importantly, professionals are in high demand with statistics from the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics estimating a projected growth of 29% by 2026. It is paramount to choose the right medical assistant school in order to thrive in this dynamic career.

These schools were ranked based on the following metrics:

  • graduation rate
  • retention rate
  • cost of tuition
  • community culture
  • student services

Medical assistant schools with the lowest tuition cost, highest graduation and retention rates and easiest to apply are ranked highest. All school programs ranked are accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs.

1. Century College

Century College Medical Assistant program is ranked the number one program in the country. It boasts of having the highest graduation rates, retention rates and affordable tuition rates. Located just outside Minneapolis, Minnesota, the program is designed to equip students with the best patient care management skills. Graduates go through 48 credited hours and a 300-hour clinical externship under direct supervision of a physician. After the program, trainees will have gained clinical, laboratory and administrative skills to enhance the quality of patients’ lives. To apply, students need an official high school transcript and a certificate of good conduct. Additionally, you have to pass English and reading course placement tests and arithmetic course placement tests.

2. Eastern Idaho Technical College

Eastern Idaho Technical College makes it to this list due to its friendly tuition rates coupled with a 96.67% retention rate. The small population at the campus offers MA students an opportunity to have one on one interaction with the training stuff. The medical assistant associate of applied science degree runs 4 semesters and a summer totaling to 2 years. Application involves filling out the admission form, presenting high school transcripts and proof of Placement tests for English and Math. A C or better is required for pre-requisite coursework as well as a criminal background check.

3. Wichita Area Technical College

At Wichita Area Technical College offers great certificate and associate medical assistant degree programs. The program boosts of a 60% retention and graduation rate. The institution offers a 9-months technical MA certificate and a 24 months Associate of Applied Science MA degree. Medical assistants from the program are equipped with cognitive skills and effective techniques to offer excellent work as heath care providers. Applicants are expected to take an Accuplacer science, arithmetic and reading test and provide a high school diploma during application.

4. Mitchell Technical Institute

The medical assistant program at Mitchell Technical Institute is a 2-year program where graduates get an associate of applied science degree. This fully accredited program, located in Mitchell, South Dakota, prepares medical assistants that can handle both the front office work and direct patient care. Application is relatively easy with applicants being required to provide a criminal background check and verification that they don’t have physical limitations. This is meant to ascertain they can perform routine tasks.  The students go through 73 credited hours in classrooms and cutting-edge laboratories. After graduation, students can sit for the certification examinations by the AAMA to improve their chances at job placement.

5. Renton Technical College

The medical assistant program at Renton Technical College (just south of Seattle, WA) has a retention rate of 85% and graduation rates on 97%. Other than extensive classroom and laboratory studies, students go through supervised clinical practicum. Additionally, students are prepared for the four national credentialing exams. Applicants require a high school diploma, a certificate of good conduct and a certificate of good health.

6. Nebraska Methodist College

Located in Omaha, Nebraska, this religious institution offers a 12- month MA certificate program to applicants from diverse backgrounds. The program, with a retention rate of 92%, requires a total of 930 credited hours with 300 hours reserved for hands-on clinical experience. Students are prepared for AAMA examination prior to graduation in their fully-equipped laboratory and class sessions. Applicants must have a high school diploma with a GPA of 2.0 and exemplary abilities in science and math courses.

7. YTI Career Institute

The medical assistant program at YTI Career Institute (in Lancaster, PA) equips new entrants into the profession with hands-on patient care techniques as well as front office acumen. In 21 months, graduates earn an Associate in Specialized Technology degree. The institute, with graduation rates of 67% and retention of 80%, boasts of up to date medical facilities, equipment and qualified staff. With the 12 weeks externship, graduates get on-the-job skills that will have them be integral members on any medical team.

8. Ohio Business College

Ohio Business College’s accredited MA program has a retention rate of 75% and graduation rates of 57%. They offer flexible class schedules across multiple branches within Ohio including day and night classes. The diploma is offered at main campus and Sandusky campus each boasting of a 5-year graduate satisfaction rate of 100%. Applicants require a high school diploma and good written and spoken English.

9. Forest College

Located in Anderson, South Carolina, Forest College MA degree program has 65% retention rates. Graduates make it out with an associate of science in medical assisting in 95 credited hours. These allied health professionals become multi-functional professionals that make integral members of health-care delivery teams in and out of state. Applicants require a complete physical examination, criminal background checks and high school diplomas with a minimum GPA of 2.0.

10. Kennebec Valley Community College

Located in Fairfield, Maine, Kennebec Valley Community College offers a certificate and two-year Associated in Applied Science MA degree. The graduation rate is at a mere 40% and the retention rate of just 67%. Applicants need an official high school diploma and a minimum of C in College level science with labs. Additionally, a minimum 74 is required in the Accuplacer sentence skills tests and 55 in arithmetic. At the start of the first semester of the MA course, students need strong academic standing in the form of a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher.

A professional medical assistant is a multi-faceted individual with top-notch skills in all aspects of medical practice requiring excellent training. These top credited medical assistant schools in the U.S will jump start your career in this highly competitive, rewarding career.