Top 5 Reasons to Use a Professional Accountant

Starting a business can be overwhelming sometimes. It is easy to start one; especially if you already have a capital. The real challenge is how to make that business venture successful. The measure of success is not only based on how much you sell but how you manage your finances. This is where  employing an accountant can be very helpful. Accounting software is very well marketed as a solution but it rarely succeeds in determining all of the financial benefits your business can employ. Finding a qualified certified public accountant to help analyze relevant financial transactions of your company and determine the most cost effective means to conduct your business can be invaluable.

Below are the top 5 reasons why every company should employ a certified public accountant (CPA):


Save time and effort

Having to do all the paper works, monitoring your sales and expenses, and managing the business at the same time can be really time-consuming and tedious. Most businessmen think that hiring an accountant is expensive. But if you think how much time and effort you can save on dealing with your finances, you will soon realize the benefits certainly compensate for the cost. When you decide to start up your own business, your priority should be on running your business. While you are busy managing your business, your accountant will help you prepare your finances, save you money, and bring you peace of mind.

As an entrepreneur, your most concern is the day-to-day operations of the business. Your accountant can help you in managing the business, especially on the financial side and can objectively help you make decisions to upkeep the longevity and existence of your business.

Help with compliance

One of the major benefits of using a professional accountant is they are very knowledgeable of tax laws. A professional accountant can help ensure your business is compliant with these regulatory taxes. Aside from being an expert on taxation, a professional accountant understands regulatory laws which in turn save you money by advising you on the most tax efficient way of managing your business.

In-house financial advisor

An in-house accountant can be a great source of information and advice in helping you grow your business. For instance, an accountant can help you in the process of decision making by forecasting budgets and analyzing financial reports. They can guide you also on the cost analysis process by establishing and implementing policies and procedures. They can also provide financial statements that include trends, budgets, and forecasts. From these reports, you can then determine the  recommended actions to best manage your business.

Avoid an audit

Another reason why companies need accountants is to avoid the hassle of an audit. By taking the necessary steps to ensure you are following all tax laws, it can remove the headache and cost of an audit. Some of the reasons why businesses are being audited include mistakes on tax forms, excessive write-offs, too many charitable donations, and other red flags. Employing a professional accountant can help you avoid these mistakes. They know what expenses are allowed to be deducted as well as the threshold of these deductions. In addition, if ever the IRS request a substantiation of expenditures, your accountant can help you accurately provide these documents

Plan the future of your business

One of the major benefits of employing an accountant is to get an advice on how to plan for the future of your business. With the help of an accountant, previous financial reports can be analyzed in terms of profitability, liquidity, and seasonality. This analysis can help you in making sound financial and operational decisions for the future of your business.


For your business to become successful, both the growth and profitability of the business are important. Accountants can help determine the key components relevant in measuring the performance and success of the business. Think of hiring an accountant as a long-term partner who cares for your business and keeps it fiscally sound.