The Best Colleges for Healthcare Management Degrees in the U.S.

Are you looking for a path to a long and prosperous career in the health field? Do you want to be a clinical director, health and social services manager, office manager or a practice administrator?  A survey done by the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics found the workforce is expected to grow by 17% in the next decade for health and medical service managers. We have ranked the top 5 best colleges for healthcare management based on results of peer assessment surveys sent to professionals. A point based system was employed where other factors such as the tuition rates, retention rates and student/ faculty ratio were also considered.

Concordia University

Concordia University’s healthcare management program stands out due to its efficiency in course delivery. With a high school diploma and original copies of your SATs or ACTs, freshmen can be well on their way to acquiring a healthcare management degree certified by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC). Attention is particularly given to teaching students how to improve efficaciousness and quality of health care. The fully online course encompasses 128-credits where students are taken through general education, principles of health care management, healthcare marketing and governing ethics. At the end of the course, students are required to go through a 60-hour practicum supervised by an assigned university lecturer. Boasting of a 90% placement rate, and similar fees for in-state or out-of-state residents, students are assured of detailed learning from industry experts.

University of Alabama at Birmingham

Housing the largest academic medical center in the United States, UAB is perfect for a student looking to create a rich network early on in their career. The healthcare management course offered here is purely online. This is of particular interest to professionals already within the field looking to climb the corporate ladder. By accessing UAB online, prospective students get a breakdown of what’s offered at the institution. For graduates with associate degrees, certificates and state licenses, they can start at the clinical manager track. Also offered is the pre-professional track which is available for students with a master’s degree. At the point of admission, each student is required to have a minimum of 2.5-2.75 GPA.

Gardener-Webb University

At Gardener-Webb University, students interested in Healthcare Management are not only presented with the basics of the field, they are introduced to Christian business ethics. The program here is structured to provide students with an understanding of the basic concepts of human relations management, operations and organizational structures. The healthcare management program at Gardener Webb University includes 36 credit hours in Broyhill Undergraduate School of Management and 21 hours of the Healthcare Management course. Graduates from the degree program at Gardner-Webb University boast of having extensive insight into international health, heath care policies, laws, budgeting, and finances. Students part with $30,000 on tuition fees per academic year with additional costs for housing, books and supplies.

Maryville University of Saint Louis

Located in Missouri, Maryville University of Saint Louis comes in fourth. With a student/ faculty ratio of 14:1, their online healthcare management degree is highly sought after due to the immersive practicum program. The program accepts transfers of eligible credits making it suitable for students interested in making a career change. The degree course is structured to provide you with contextual insights into the running of a healthcare practice. Students can expect to be taken through financial management in healthcare, software and technologies in healthcare and end their program with a practicum. The course is accredited by HLC, ranked amongst America’s Top Colleges by Forbes in 2017 and ranked as the private college with the best value by Kiplinger’s Personal Finance 2018 ranking. The degree program costs $27000 per academic year for the 4 academic years.

Drury University

Located in Springfield, Missouri, the 124 credit healthcare management program is a leader in impacting organizational leadership and financial basics. This course is perfect for professionals or undergraduates interested in going into elderly care. It offers a unit in gerontology where students are taken through sociological, psychological and economic factors in aging. The institution offers an extensive course into health care ethics with facilitators utilizing case studies for a hands-on learning experience. The institution allows the transfer of relatable credits with 30 credits set as the minimum requirement. Based on 12-17 credit hours per semester, full time undergraduate students pay a minimum of $13,700.


Healthcare management covers a large pool of positions and settings within the healthcare industry. Earning a degree in healthcare management from the best schools is the first step into getting a position within any hospital, insurance company or long term care facility of your choice. Remember, as the healthcare industry grows, so do your opportunities to take a leadership role and have a long and lucrative career.